The Pocket Guide to World History

Aqua Appia. 312BC. First Roman aquaduct. [Read more ...]

Aquila Ponticus. 2C. Translated Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek. Version adopted by Jews. [Read more ...]

Aquinas, St Thomas. Thomas Aquinas, St. [Read more ...]

Aquitaine. 1C BC Rome. 5C Visigoth. 507 Franks. 700 Independent. 1137 French. 1152 English 1453 French. [Read more ...]

Arab-Israeli Wars. 1948-9. Palestinians flee to Arab countries. 1956. Israel captures Sinai, UN takes over. 1967. Six Day War. Israel defeats Egypt, Syria, Jordan, gains Jerusalem, Sinai, Golan,... 1973. Egypt, Syria attack = October War. [Read more ...]

Arab League. 1945. Non-aggression and cooperation treaty of Arab states. Collective Treaty of Defence, 1950, to defend against Israeli aggression. [Read more ...]

Arabesque. Style characterized by entwined vines, leaves. [Read more ...]

Arabia. Semite. 6C BC Chaldean. c106BC Rome. 622 Caliphate Empire. 16C Ottoman. 17C Persia (E). Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAR, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain. [Read more ...]

Arachne. Lydian weaver, changed into a spider. [Read more ...]

Arafat, Yasir. 1929-. Arab Fatah PLO leader. President of Palestinian Authority 1996-. [Read more ...]

Arago, François. 1786-1853. French astronomer and physicist. Magnetism, light. [Read more ...]

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