The Pocket Guide to World History

Aberhart, William. 1878-1943. Canadian Social Credit advocate. [Read more ...]

Abjuration, Act. 1581. Dutch declaration of independence from Spain. Republic 1588. [Read more ...]

Abo, Treaty. 1743. Sweden cedes SE Finland to Russia. [Read more ...]

Abolition Act. 1833. Ends slavery in British Empire. [Read more ...]

Abolitionists. 1774-1868. US anti-slavery party. Merged into Republicans. Radical Republicans. [Read more ...]

Abortion. Legalized 1968 Britain, 1969 Canada, 1973 USA, 1975 France. Roe v Wade. [Read more ...]

Aboukir, Battle. Nelson defeats French fleet, 1798. Napoleon defeats Turks, 1799. [Read more ...]

Abraham. c2000BC. Old Testament father of Jewish, Arab peoples. Sarah. Hagar.Ishmael. [Read more ...]

Absolutism. Government where one person/group has absolute power. 15-18C monarchies. [Read more ...]

Abstract Art. 20C. Color, line and form without subject. Begun by Cezanne. [Read more ...]

Abstract Expressionism. 1940s New York style of Pollock, Rothko. Spontaneous expression, free of traditional values. Expressionism. [Read more ...]

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