The Pocket Guide to World History

Irish Land Acts. 1870-1903. British legislation for tenant farmers vs landlords. [Read more ...]

Irish Partition. 1921. Irish Free State established; 6 NE counties elect to stay British. [Read more ...]

Irish Potato Famine. 1845-51. Blight kills crop. 1M die. Emmigration to North America. Resentment of English. [Read more ...]

Irish Rebellion. 1649. Crushed by Cromwell. 1798. Resulted in Union Act. [Read more ...]

Irish Republican Army. IRA. 1919-. For a unified independent Ireland by terrorism (Provisional Wing) or by democratic means (Officials). Opposed Allies in WWII. Terrorism 1921-40, 1969-. Outlawed in Eire 1930, 36, 74. Sinn Fein. [Read more ...]

Irish War. 1919-21. IRA fights for indepence. Irish Free State. [Read more ...]

Iron Age. 1200BC. Hittites begin to use iron for tools and weapons. 1000BC Europe. 600BC China. [Read more ...]

Iron Cross. 1813. Prussian military decoration. [Read more ...]

Iron Curtain. 1946. Churchill’s name for Russia’s increasing influence in Eastern Europe. Dining à la Russe refers to carving being done behind an iron screen. [Read more ...]

Iron Guard. 1924-41. Romanian anti-semite fascist party. [Read more ...]

Ironclads. 1858-60. Iron-protected wooden warships. [Read more ...]

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