The Pocket Guide to World History

Ireland, Republic. 1921 Dominion =Irish Free State. 1937 =Eire. 1949 Republic of Ireland. 1949 leaves Commonwealth. [Read more ...]

Ireland, William. 1777-1835. English forger of Shakespeare manuscripts 1796. [Read more ...]

Ireland Act. 1920. Separate government for north and south. Union Act. [Read more ...]

Ireland Referendum. 1973. Vote in favour of Union of Northern Ireland with Britain. [Read more ...]

Irenaeus, St. c125-202. French theologian. Opposed Gnostics. Against Heresies 180. [Read more ...]

Irene. 752-803. Byzantine regent for Constantine VI 780-790. Deposed him...empress 797-. Iconophile. [Read more ...]

Irgun Zvai Leumi. 1931-48. Jewish right-wing terrorist group in Palestine. [Read more ...]

Irian Jaya. (Netherlands New Guinea). 1963 «Indonesia. [Read more ...]

Iris. Greek personification of the rainbow. [Read more ...]

Irish Free State. 1922-37. = Ireland, Republic of. [Read more ...]

Irish Home Rule. 1880-1920. Movement for Irish independence from Britain. Home rule granted 1920...Irish Free State. [Read more ...]

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