The Pocket Guide to World History

Iroquois League. (League of 5 Nations). 1570-. Confederation of Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca. Fought for English in American Revolution, Seven Years War. [Read more ...]

Irrationalism. 19C. Philosophy stressing instinct over reason. Schopenhauer. [Read more ...]

Irredentists. 1878. Italian political party with object of incorporating neighbouring regions. [Read more ...]

Irving, Washington. 1783-1859. US writer. Rip van Winkle. Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1819. Tales of a Traveller 1824. Inventor of short story. [Read more ...]

Isaac. Old Testament Patriarch. Abraham’s son from whom all Jews descend. Spared from sacrifice. [Read more ...]

Isabel. 1846-1921. Brazilian princess. As regent during Pedro II absence, abolished slavery 1888. Led to fall of Brazilian Empire. [Read more ...]

Isabella. 1292-1358. Ousted husband Edward II in favour of son, Edward III, 1327. [Read more ...]

Isabella I. 1451-1504. Queen of Castile. Financed Columbus. United Spain by marrying Ferdinand II. Inquisition. [Read more ...]

Isabella II. 1830-1904. Queen of Spain 1833-68. Deposed by Carlists. Salic Law. [Read more ...]

Isabella of Bavaria. 1371-1435. French Queen consort/regent 1389-1422. Recognized British heir to French throne. Treaty of Troyes. Hundred Years War. [Read more ...]

Isaiah. 8C BC. Hebrew prophet of the Messiah. [Read more ...]

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