The Pocket Guide to World History

Indian National Congress. 1885-. Congress Party. [Read more ...]

Indian Removal Act. 1830. US moves all Indians to Indian Territory. [Read more ...]

Indian Territory. 1834. Originally all territory west of Mississippi. Later, reservations in Oklahoma. [Read more ...]

Indian Wars. 1794-1891. US expansion leads to native vs white conflicts. [Read more ...]

Indochina War. 1946-54. Vietnamese Communists vs French and British occupying forces. =First Vietnam War. [Read more ...]

Indonesia.16C Portuguse influence. 1602 Dutch East India Co. 1798 Netherlands(Java). 1811-16 Britishs occupy. 1910 Unified as Dutch colony. 1945 Independent. Java. Borneo. Bali. Sumatra. [Read more ...]

Inductive Reasoning. Baconian. Truth is induced from a mass of observed facts. [Read more ...]

Indulgence. 800 Pardon for sin in place of penance. Granted by church, 12C as reward to Crusaders. Sold by church, 1313-. Abuse by Leo X led to Reformation. [Read more ...]

Indulgence, Declaration. 1662,72. Charles II grants toleration of Nonconformists. Voided by Parliament. 1687. James II suspends penal laws against Catholics causing Glorious Revolution. [Read more ...]

Industrial Revolution. 1730-. Transformation from agricultural to urbanized manufacturing economy as a result of steam power. 1830 England, France. 1850 Germany. 1860 USA. Blanqui. Toynbee. [Read more ...]

Industrial Workers of the World. IWW. 1905-25. Radical militant US labour union of unskilled workers. [Read more ...]

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