The Pocket Guide to World History

Independent Labour Party. 1893. Britain. Founded by Hardie....Labour Party 1906. [Read more ...]

Independent Treasury. 1846-1913. US financial system not using private banks. Federal Reserve System. [Read more ...]

Independents. Separatists. 17C English Christian sects believing that congregation should control its own affairs. Congregationalism. Puritans. [Read more ...]

Index Expurgatorius. 1601- Vatican list of books to be expurgated. [Read more ...]

Index Librorum Prohibitorium. 1564-1966. Vatican list of prohibited reading. [Read more ...]

India. North: c2500BC Indus valley civilization. c2000BC Aryans invade. 6C Achaemenid. 5C Persia. 326 Alexander(NW). c300 Maurya Empire. 2C BC Greek, Parthian, Kushan invade. 1C AD Kushan. c320 Gupta Empire. 6C Divided. 5-15C Huns, Arabs, Persians invade 12C Moslem. 1526 Mogul. South: 3000BC Dravidian civilization. 12-13C Rashtrakutas, Cholas. 14C Moslem inv. 15C Vijayanagar Empire. 1498 daGama discovers sea route. 18C British East India Co. 1858 British Empire. 1947 Independent. 1950 Republic. [Read more ...]

India Act. 1784. Transferred control of British East India Co to Parliament. 1858. All power over India from East India Co to British crown. 1919-35. Created bicameral parliament of limited authority. [Read more ...]

India-Pakistan Wars. 1949. Splits Kashmir. 1965. India gains most of Rann of Kutch. 1971. Bangladesh Independence. [Read more ...]

Indian Councils Act. 1909. British create an Indian representative legislature. [Read more ...]

Indian Independence Act. 1947. Freed and partitioned India/Pakistan. [Read more ...]

Indian Mutiny. 1857-9. Indian troops rebel vs British officers. Months of violence, massacres. East India Act. Ended Mogul Empire. [Read more ...]

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