The Pocket Guide to World History

Infallibility, Papal. 1870. Pope cannot err on matters of faith, morals. Approved by first Vatican Council after heated debate. [Read more ...]

Infanta/te. Daughter/son of king of Spain or Portugal. [Read more ...]

Inflation. General rise of prices of goods and services. [Read more ...]

Ingersoll, Robert. 1833-99. US agnostic philosopher, orator. [Read more ...]

Ingoldsby, Thomas. 1788-1845. English humourist. Jackdaw of Rheims. [Read more ...]

Ingres, Dominique. 1780-1867. French classical painter: Grande Odalisque 1814. Turkish Bath 1860. [Read more ...]

Inkerman, Battle. 1854. Crimean War defeat of Russians by English and French. [Read more ...]

Innocent II. -1143. Pope 1130-. Fled Rome, 1130-8. Lateran Council. [Read more ...]

Innocent III. c1160-1216. Pope 1198-. Peak power of papacy. Fourth Crusade. Authorized incorporation of University of Paris 1215. Placed Inquisition under Franciscans and Dominicans. Crowned Frederick II. [Read more ...]

Innocent VIII. 1432-92. Pope 1484-. Authorized Inquisition against witchcraft 1484. [Read more ...]

Innocent XI. 1611-89. Pope 1676-. 4 Articles on Gallicanism, 1673. [Read more ...]

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