The Pocket Guide to World History

Iberville, Pierre d’. 1661-1706. French-Canadian explorer to Louisiana. [Read more ...]

Ibn al’Arabi. 1165-1240. Spanish Moslem mystical philosopher. Meccan Revelation 1201. [Read more ...]

Ibn Battutah. 1304-68. Morrocan travel writer. Travels 1325-53. [Read more ...]

Ibn Khaldun. 1332-1406. Arab historian/sociologist. Introduction to History 1375. [Read more ...]

Ibn Sa’ud. 1880-1953. Conqueror and king of Riyad 1902-, + Najd, Hasa, Asir, Hejaz; united as Saudi Arabia 1932-. Ended tribal wars. First oil wells 1933. [Read more ...]

Ibn Tufall. c1100-85. Arab philosopher. Havy Ibn-Yaqzan 1175. [Read more ...]

Ibn Tumart. c1080-1130. Berber leader. Demanded moral reform. Founded Almohad Confederation. [Read more ...]

Ibo. SE Nigerian tribe. Biafra. [Read more ...]

Ibsen, Henrik. 1828-1906. Norwegian social and psychological dramatist. Peer Gynt 1867. Doll’s House 1879. Hedda Gabler 1890. [Read more ...]

Icarus. Son of Daedalus, wings melted when he flew too close to the sun. [Read more ...]

Ice Age. Last period of glaciation, c75000-8350BC. [Read more ...]

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