The Pocket Guide to World History

Hypatia. c370-415. Alexandrian Neoplatonic philosopher. Murdered by St. Cyril and monks. Decline of Alexandria as learning center. [Read more ...]

Hyperion. Greek Titan. [Read more ...]

Hypermestra. Only daughter of Danaus who didn’t kill husband. Danaïdes. [Read more ...]

Hypnos. Greek god of sleep. [Read more ...]

Hywell the Good. -950. Welsh king 910-. Law code. [Read more ...]

I Am. 1934-. US religious movement founded by Ballard. [Read more ...]

I Ching. 12C BC. Supplement 475BC. Chinese Book of Changes. 64 hexagrams used for divination. Early ethics, philosophy text. [Read more ...]

Iamblichus. c250-330. Syrian NeoPlatonist philosopher. Theurgy replaces spiritual mysticism. De Mysteriis. [Read more ...]

Iapetus. Greek Titan. Father of Atlas and Prometheus. [Read more ...]

Iberia. c6C-65BC. Kingdom in southwest Russia. [Read more ...]

Iberians. Prehistoric tribe of Spain. [Read more ...]

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