The Pocket Guide to World History

Iceland. 9C Irish discover. 870 Norway colonized. 930 Althing. 1262 Norway. 1380 Denmark 1904 Home rule. 1918 Sovereignty. 1944 Republic. [Read more ...]

Iceni. PreRoman British peoples in East Anglia. 60 Boadicia revolted vs Rome. [Read more ...]

ICFTU. International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. 1949. Split from WFTU. Represents 70M workers in 89 countries. IFTU. [Read more ...]

Iconoclasts. 726-843. Byzantines opposed use of images in Christian worship vs Iconophiles. Persecuted. Nicaea. [Read more ...]

Ictinus. 5C BC. Greek artist/architect. Parthenon. [Read more ...]

Idealism. Artistic school of thought holding the aesthetic ideal more important than the representation of the subject. vs Realism. [Read more ...]

Idealism, Ethical. Moral and intellectual ideals are superior to materialistic concerns. [Read more ...]

Idealism, German. 18C. Pre-Romantic movement. [Read more ...]

Idealism, Philosophical. Reality is a consciousness of abstract laws vs sensory-based Materialism. [Read more ...]

Ides of March. (March 15th). Day on which Caesar was assassinated. [Read more ...]

Idomeneus. Greek Cretan king. Sacrificed son to Poseidon. [Read more ...]

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