The Pocket Guide to World History

Hillel. c30BC-9. Jewish commentator. 7 Rules for interpreting Bible. [Read more ...]

Hilliard, Nicholas. 1547-1619. English miniature painter. [Read more ...]

Himmler, Heinrich. 1900-45. German Gestapo and SS head. Concentration camps. Suicide after Allied capture. [Read more ...]

Hindemith, Paul. 1895-1963. German Gebrauchmusik movement composer. Music as social expression. [Read more ...]

Hindenburg. German zeppelin, explodes 1937 in New Jersey, kills 36. [Read more ...]

Hindenburg, Paul von. 1847-1934. Commander in Chief of the German armies 1916-18. President of Weimar Republic 1925-. Appointed Hitler chancellor 1933. [Read more ...]

Hindenburg Line. 1917. German army’s Western Front. Breached 1918. [Read more ...]

Hindi. Official language of India. [Read more ...]

Hinduism. c 1500BC-. Indian religion. Cycles of life, death, reincarnation. Release by enlightenment. Caste system. Vedas. Root of Buddhism, Jainism, many sects. Upanishads. [Read more ...]

Hindustani. Hindi and Urdu languages. [Read more ...]

Hipparchus. c190-120BC. First star catalogue. Epicyclic planetary motion around earth. Astrolabe 130. [Read more ...]

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