The Pocket Guide to World History

Hippias. Greek Tyrant 527-510BC. Exiled. [Read more ...]

Hippocrates. 460-370BC. Greek physician. Separated medicine from superstition. Established medical schools. “Diseases due to natural causes”. [Read more ...]

Hippodamus. 5C BC. Greek architect. City of Rhodes. [Read more ...]

Hippolyte. Amazon queen with gold girdle. [Read more ...]

Hippolytus, St. c170-235. Italian martyr. First Antipope, 217-. [Read more ...]

Hiram. 989-936BC. King of Tyre 969-. Helped build Soloman’s Temple of Jerusalem 950BC. [Read more ...]

Hirohito. 1901-89. Emperor of Japan, 1926-. Renounced his own divinity. WWII. [Read more ...]

Hiroshima. Japanese city destroyed 1945 by first A-bomb. 75000 killed. [Read more ...]

Hispania. Roman for Spain and Portugal. [Read more ...]

Hiss, Alger. 1904-96. Alleged communist spy in US State Department. Jailed for perjury 1950-4. [Read more ...]

Historia Regum Britanniae. c1135. Geoffrey of Monmouth’s history of Britain from legendary founding. Popularized legends of King Arthur. [Read more ...]

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