The Pocket Guide to World History

Hiawatha. 15C Onondaga chief, legendary founder of League of 5 nations. Longfellow. [Read more ...]

Hickock, James (Wild Bill). 1837-76. US frontier lawman. [Read more ...]

Hidalgo, Miguel. 1753-1811. Led Mexican Revolution with Allende. [Read more ...]

Hieroglyphics. c3400BC-500. Egyptian picture writing system. Rosetta Stone. [Read more ...]

Highland Garb Act. 1746-82. Prohibited wearing of tartan. [Read more ...]

Hijrah. (Hegira). 622. Muhammed’s flight from Mecca to Medina. Begins Moslem calendar. [Read more ...]

Hilbert, David. 1862-1943. German number theorist. Hilbert Space. [Read more ...]

Hildebrandt, Johann von. 1668-1745. Austrian Baroque architect. Belvedere Palace 1700. [Read more ...]

Hill, Mildred and Patty. Wrote Happy Birthday 1893. [Read more ...]

Hillary, Sir Edmund. 1919-. New Zealand, first to climb Mt. Everest, 1953, with Tenzig Norgay. [Read more ...]

Hillary, William. Founder of English Royal National Lifeboat Institute, 1824. [Read more ...]

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