The Pocket Guide to World History

Heroic Age. 2nd millenium BC. [Read more ...]

Heron of Alexandria. 1C. Greek mathematician. Area of triangle. Metrica. [Read more ...]

Herophilus. c335-280BC. Greek “Father of Anatomy”. [Read more ...]

Herrera, Fernando de. 1534-97. Spanish Humanist poet. [Read more ...]

Herschel, William. 1738-1822. German/English astronomer, discovered Uranus 1781. [Read more ...]

Hershey, Milton. 1857-1945. US chocolate maker and philanthropist. [Read more ...]

Hertz, Heinrich. 1857-94. German physicist: electromagnetic waves. [Read more ...]

Herzberg, Gerhard. 1904-99. Canadian physicist. Electronic structure of molecules. [Read more ...]

Herzen, Aleksandr. 1812-70. Russian revolutionary writer. [Read more ...]

Herzl, Theodor. 1860-1904. Hungarian/Austrian writer. Founder of Zionism. The Jewish State 1896. [Read more ...]

Hesiod. c800BC. Greek poet. Works and Days. [Read more ...]

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