The Pocket Guide to World History

Hermandad. 1250-1550. Castile-Aragon defensive alliance. [Read more ...]

Hermaphroditus. Greek deity with male and female attributes. [Read more ...]

Hermes. Greek fertility, messenger god. = Mercury. [Read more ...]

Hermes Trismegistus. Egyptian founder of alchemy. Passed secret only to the sons of Pharaoahs. [Read more ...]

Hermetic Texts. 1/3 C Egyptian astrology and magic books. [Read more ...]

Hermitage. 1764. St Petersburg art museum. [Read more ...]

Hero. Lover of Leander. [Read more ...]

Herod. 73-4BC. King of Judaea 37BC-. Massacre of the Innocents. [Read more ...]

Herod Antipas. 21BC-39 AD. Galileen king 4BC-. Killed John the Baptist for Salome. [Read more ...]

Herodes Atticus. c101-177. Greek/Roman orator, banker. Gave major buildings to Athens. [Read more ...]

Herodotus. c484-420BC. Greek historian and explorer. “Father of History”-Cicero. [Read more ...]

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