The Pocket Guide to World History

Hesperides. Nymphs who guarded Hera’s tree of golden apples. [Read more ...]

Hess. Rudolph. 1894-1987. German Nazi leader. Flew to Scotland, 1941. Sentenced to life at Nuremberg. [Read more ...]

Hesse, Hermann. 1877-1962. German/Swiss writer of psychological, mystical. Siddharta 1922. Steppenwolf 1927. Magister Ludi 1943. [Read more ...]

Hessians. German mercenaries fighting for Britain in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Hestia. Greek goddess of the hearth. [Read more ...]

Hetaerae. Greek independent courtesans. [Read more ...]

Hetarai. 1814-. Secret Greek societies vs infidels. [Read more ...]

Heuss, Theodor. 1884-1963. First President of German Federal Republic, 1949-59. [Read more ...]

Hexapolis. 700BC. 6 city trading league. Rhodes. [Read more ...]

Heydrich, Reinhard. 1904-42. Deputy head SS. Assassination led to Lidice massacre. [Read more ...]

Heyerdahl, Thor. 1914-2002. Norwegian anthropologist. Expeditions: Kon-Tiki 1947, Ra II 1969. [Read more ...]

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