The Pocket Guide to World History

Heraclea. 280BC. “Pyrrhic” victory over Romans. [Read more ...]

Heracleitus. c540-480BC. Greek philosopher. ’The only permanent thing is change.’ Fire is basis of matter. [Read more ...]

Heracles. Son of Zeus, noted for his twelve labours. =Hercules. [Read more ...]

Herald. Medieval officer who conveyed messages between opposing leaders. [Read more ...]

Herbert, Victor. 1859-1924. Irish/US operetta composer. Babes in Toyland 1903. [Read more ...]

Herculano, Alexandre. 1810-77. Portuguese Romantic poet. [Read more ...]

Hercules. Roman hero = Greek Heracles. [Read more ...]

Hercules, Pillars of. Straits of Gibraltar. [Read more ...]

Hercules, Tower of. Roman lighthouse in Spain, still in use. [Read more ...]

Herder, Johann von. 1744-1803. German Sturm and Drang Nationalist writer. Stimulated Romanticism. [Read more ...]

Heredia, Jose de. 1842-1905. Cuban/French Parnassian poet. [Read more ...]

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