The Pocket Guide to World History

Handel, George Frideric. 1685-1759. German/ English composer of oratorio, Italian opera. Peak of polyphonic music. Water Music 1717. Messiah 1741. Music for Royal Fireworks 1749. [Read more ...]

Handfasting. 1 yr trial marriage, Scotland. [Read more ...]

Hannibal. 247-182BC. Carthaginian leader. Crossed the Alps with elephants in winter to attack Rome 217BC. St Bernard Pass. Punic Wars. [Read more ...]

Hanno. 5C BC. Carthaginian. Established colonies in West Africa. [Read more ...]

Hanover. Dynasty of Germany 1692-1866, Britain 1714-1901. [Read more ...]

Hanover, Treaty. 1725. England, France, Prussia oppose Vienna Treaty. [Read more ...]

Hansard. 1774-. Official British parliamentary report. [Read more ...]

Hanseatic League. 1241-1669. Confederation of N German towns. Dominated N European trade 13-15C. [Read more ...]

Hanson, John. 1721-83. American revolutionary. US. ’president’ 1781-2 under Articles of Confederation. [Read more ...]

Hansson, Per. 1885-1946. Swedish Prime Minister 1932-. Maintained neutrality in WWII. [Read more ...]

Hapsburg. Dynasty ruled Austria 1278-1918, Spain 1516-1700, Holy Roman Empire 1273-1806, Netherlands. 1712-97, Hungary 1526~1918. [Read more ...]

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