The Pocket Guide to World History

Hammerstein, Oscar. 1895-1960. US librettist. Oklahoma! 1943. Rogers. [Read more ...]

Hammett, Dashiell. 1894-1961. US detective story writer. The Thin Man 1952. Maltese Falcon 1930. [Read more ...]

Hammurabi. -1750BC. Babylonian king 1792- who codified the law. [Read more ...]

Hampden, John. 1594-1643. English parliamentary leader. [Read more ...]

Hampton, Wade. 1818-1902. Confederate general. Raised Hampton’s Legion. Governor of SC 1876-8. [Read more ...]

Hampton Court Conference. 1604. James I authorizes bible translation. 300 Puritans ejected from office, a cause of Civil War. [Read more ...]

Hamsun, Knut. 1859-1952. Norwegian modernist writer. Hunger 1890. [Read more ...]

Han. 202BC-220. Chinese dynasty. Promoted Confucianism, education, culture, bureaucracy. KaoTsu. [Read more ...]

Han Wu Ti. 156-87BC. Chinese Emperor 140-. Confucianism as state religion. Exam system for civil service used to 20C. [Read more ...]

Hancock, John. 1737-93. American revolutionary. First signer of Declaration of Independence. [Read more ...]

Hand, Learned. 1872-1961. US jurist. Alcoa Antitrust case. Monopoly unlawful. No duty not to minimize one’s taxes 1947. [Read more ...]

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