The Pocket Guide to World History

Harald I. c850-933. First Norwegian king 860-930. Colonized Iceland c874. [Read more ...]

Harald III. Norwegian king 1047-66. Killed invading England. [Read more ...]

Harald Blue Tooth. c910-985. First Christian Danish king c940-. Unified Denmark, conquered Norway. [Read more ...]

Hardecanute. c1019-42. King of English 1014-, Denmark 1028-. [Read more ...]

Hardenberg, Karl von. 1750-1822. Prussian chancellor 1810- during Napoleonic Wars. Citizenship to Jews. [Read more ...]

Hardie, Keir. 1856-1915. British. Founded Scottish Labour Party 1888, Independent Labour Party 1893. [Read more ...]

Harding, Warren. 1865-1923. US Pres 1921-. Teapot Dome. Washington Conference. [Read more ...]

Hardy, Thomas. 1840-1928. English novelist: Far from the Madding Crowd 1874; Mayor of Casterbridge 1886; Jude the Obscure 1896. Man as victim of fate. -“the worth encompassed by the inevitable”. [Read more ...]

Hargreaves, James. -1778. English. Invented spinning jenny 1764. [Read more ...]

Harley, Robert. 1661-1724. British Tory Secretary of State 1704-8. Head of Tory ministry 1710-14. [Read more ...]

Harmodius. -514BC. Failed assassin of Hippias. [Read more ...]

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