The Pocket Guide to World History

Hahnemann, Samuel. 1755-1843. German founder of homeopathy 1810. [Read more ...]

Haig, Douglas. 1861-1928. British Commander-in-Chief France 1915-19. War of Attrition. [Read more ...]

Haile Selassie. 1892-1975. Emperor of Ethiopia, 1930~74. Modernized and reformed country. Deposed. [Read more ...]

Hainisch, Michael. 1858-1940. First president of Austrian Republic 1920-28. [Read more ...]

Hair Powder Tax. 1795-1869. Britain. [Read more ...]

Haiti. Arawak. 1492 Columbus discovers. 16-18C Slaves brought. 1697 Spain cedes to France 1804 Independent. 1915-34 US occupies. 1957-86 Duvalier dictators. 1994 US overthrow of military regime. 1972-2002 US returns refugee boat-people. [Read more ...]

Halcyone. Aeolus’ daughter. Became kingfisher. Week of winter calm. [Read more ...]

Hale, Nathan. 1755-76. American Revolutionary spy. Executed by British -“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”. [Read more ...]

Halepa, Pact. 1878. Turks grant self-government to Cretan Greeks. [Read more ...]

Hales, Stephen. 1677-1761. British. Isolated oxygen 1727. Blood pressure 1726. [Read more ...]

Halevi, Judah of Toledo. Judah ha-Levi. [Read more ...]

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