The Pocket Guide to World History

Hachemite. Family which rules Jordan. [Read more ...]

Hades. Greek god of Hell, and Hell itself. [Read more ...]

Hadley, George. 1685-1768. English climatologist: explained trade winds. [Read more ...]

Hadrian. 76-138. Roman Emperor 117-. Built wall across England 122-36, Aelius Bridge 134. Rebuilt Greek cities. [Read more ...]

Haeretico Comburendo. 1401. English statute legalizing the burning of heretics. [Read more ...]

Hafez. 1325-89. Persian poet. Divan 1369. Now, anyone who has memorized the Koran. [Read more ...]

Haganah. 1920-48. Jewish protective force in Palestine. Basis of Israeli army. [Read more ...]

Hagar. Sarah, Abraham’s wife’s handmaid. Mother of Ishmael. [Read more ...]

Hagia Sophia. 531-7. Constantinople church. 1453- Mosque. 1927- Museum. = St. Sophia. [Read more ...]

Hague Conferences. 1899, 1907. Arms limitation talks banned poison gas, dum-dum bullets. Established World Court. [Read more ...]

Hahn, Otto. 1879-1968. German discoverer of Uranium fission 1938. [Read more ...]

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