The Pocket Guide to World History

Halifax, First Earl of. 1661-1715. English Whig statesman. Started National Debt. Established Bank of England. 1694. [Read more ...]

Halifax, First Earl of. 1881-1959. English statesman. Viceroy of India 1925-31, Foreign Secretary 1938-40. [Read more ...]

Halifax Explosion. 1917. French arms boat explodes in harbour. 2000 casualties. Biggest man-made explosion until Hiroshima. [Read more ...]

Hall, Charles. 1863-1914. US. Aluminum manufacturing process 1886. [Read more ...]

Hall, G. Stanley. 1844-1924. US child psychologist. Founded American Journal of Psychology 1887. [Read more ...]

Haller, Albrecht von. 1708-77. Swiss anatomist. “Father of experimental physiology”. [Read more ...]

Halles Market. 1110. Paris site of pillory. Covered 1854-6. Moved 1969. [Read more ...]

Halley, Edmund. 1656-1742. English astronomer who explained comets 1705. First meteorological chart 1686. [Read more ...]

Hallmark. 1300. First required in Britain. [Read more ...]

Hallstatt. ~1100BC. Pioneer iron-age culture in Austria. Spread to Spain, Greece. [Read more ...]

Hals, Frans. c1580-1666. Dutch portrait painter: Laughing Cavalier 1624. Nurse and Child c1620. [Read more ...]

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