The Pocket Guide to World History

Guise, Charles de. 1524-74. Cardinal. Brought Inquisition to France. [Read more ...]

Guise, Francois, duc de. 1519-63. Massacred Huguenots at Vassy, 1562, starting War of Religion. [Read more ...]

Guise, Henri, duc de. 1550-88. Partipated in St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Founded Catholic League 1576. Led revolt against Henry III. Murdered. [Read more ...]

Gujrat, Battle. 1849. British defeat Sikhs, annex Punjab. [Read more ...]

Gulf War. 1990-91. Allies (US, Britain, France, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia +26 others) expel Iraq from Kuwait. [Read more ...]

Gulistan, Treaty. 1813. Persia cedes Azerbaijan to Russia. [Read more ...]

Gunpowder Plot. Nov 5, 1605. Conspiracy of Catholics against James I. Betrayed, the Houses of Parliament were not blown up. Guy Fawkes is burned in effigy each year. Catesby. [Read more ...]

Gunther. -437. First King of Burgundy, defeated by Huns. [Read more ...]

Gupta. c320-550. Indian dynasty. [Read more ...]

Gurkhas. Nepal peoples. Fierce British fighting group 1947-. [Read more ...]

Gurney, Goldsworthy. 1793-1875. British Steam-auto passenger service. [Read more ...]

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