The Pocket Guide to World History

Gueux. 1566-76. Dutch Calvinist rebels vs Spanish rule. [Read more ...]

Guevara, Che. 1928-67. Argentine revolutionary in Cuba, Bolivia. Revolution must precede communism. [Read more ...]

Guido d’Arezzo. c990-1050. Italian Benedictine monk. Invented musical staff. [Read more ...]

Guild Socialism. 1900-20. British movement for state- owned, worker-controlled industry. [Read more ...]

Guilds. 11C-. Associations of merchants and craftsmen creating monopolistic protection. [Read more ...]

Guillotin, Joseph. 1738-1814. Recommended guillotine 1792. Earlier used in Scotland, England. [Read more ...]

Guimard, Hector. 1867-1942. French Art Nouveau architect, decorator. Paris Métro entrances. [Read more ...]

Guinea. 1663-1817. English gold coin worth £1.05. [Read more ...]

Guinea. Fulani, Malinke, Soussou. 18C Moslem. 1882 French 1958 Independent. [Read more ...]

Guinea-Bissau. 1446 Tristao discovers. 16-18C Slave source. 1879 Portuguese Guinea. 1974 Independent. [Read more ...]

Guinevere. Wife of King Arthur, in love with Sir Lancelot. [Read more ...]

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