The Pocket Guide to World History

Grünewald, Matthias, St. -1528. German Late Gothic artist. Isenheim altarpiece c1510. Colors influenced Baroque Art. [Read more ...]

Guadalcanal. 1942-3. US drive Japanese from Solomon Is. [Read more ...]

Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty. 1848. Ended Mexican War. US paid $15M for half of Mexico. [Read more ...]

Guarantees, Law of. 1871. Failed to define relationship between papacy and Italian government. Lateran Treaty, 1929. [Read more ...]

Guas, Juan. -c1496. Spanish arch. Isabelline style. [Read more ...]

Guatemala. Maya. 1523 Spain. 1822 Mexican Empire. 1823 CAF. 1839 Independent. Many Mayan revolts. 1954 CIA led coup. Military Dictatorship. 1980-96 Genocide. 1996 Peace. [Read more ...]

Guederian, Heinz. 1888-1954. German general. Invented blitzkrieg 1940. [Read more ...]

Guelfs and Ghibellines. 1154-15C. Rival factions responsible for feuds in Germany and Italy. Welfs. [Read more ...]

Guernica. Spanish Basque capital bombed by Germans for Franco, 1937. Euzkadi. Picasso. Spanish Civil War. [Read more ...]

Guerra Santa (Holy War). 1848. Unsuccessful Italian revolution. Garibaldi. Mazzini. [Read more ...]

Guesclin, Bertrand du. c1320-80. French military leader, 100 Years’ War. Expelled English from France. [Read more ...]

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