The Pocket Guide to World History

Antaeus. Giant son of Poseiden killed by Heracles. [Read more ...]

Antarctic Treaty. 1959. 12 nations agree for 30 years of demilitarized, nuclear free scientific study. [Read more ...]

Antarctica. 1773 Cook explores seas. 1820 first sighted. Bransfield. 1821 first landing-Davis. 1911 Amundsen first to S Pole. [Read more ...]

Anthony, St. 1195-1231. Franciscan, protector of common people. [Read more ...]

Anthony, St. 250-c355. Egyptian hermit, first Christian monk. [Read more ...]

Anthony, Susan B. 1820-1906. US temperence, anti-slavery suffragette. [Read more ...]

Anthony of Padua, St. 1195-1231. Franciscan teacher in S. France, Italy. [Read more ...]

Anthroposophy. Human power to contact spiritual world. Steiner. [Read more ...]

Anti-Clericalism. Hostility to church political power. [Read more ...]

Anti-Comintern Pact. 1936. Germany and Japan oppose International Communism. Axis. [Read more ...]

Anti-Corn Law League. 1839-46. Cobden and Bright’s pacifist movement for Free Trade, public education, against social reform and Chartists. Corn Laws. [Read more ...]

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