The Pocket Guide to World History

Anne. 1665-1714. British Queen 1702-. Reign notable for literarature, science, architecture. Last Stuart. Acts of Union, Settlement. [Read more ...]

Anne, St. Mother of Mary. [Read more ...]

Anne of Austria. 1601-66. Wife of Louis XIII. Founded Feuillantines, 1622; Val-de-Grâce, 1638. Regent for Louis XIV until he became of age. [Read more ...]

Anne of Bretagne. 1477-1514. Wife of Charles VIII, 1491, then of Louis XII, 1499. Began union of Brittany with France. [Read more ...]

Anne of Cleves. 1515-57. Fourth wife of Henry VIII. Divorced. [Read more ...]

Annual Register. 1759-. English political record. Burke. [Read more ...]

Annunciation. Angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary re Jesus. [Read more ...]

Anouilh, Jean. 1910-87. French dramatist: Antigone, Becket 1959. [Read more ...]

Anschluss. Austrian “reunification” with Germany, 1938 by plebiscite-99.75% for. [Read more ...]

Anselm, St. 1033-1109. Archbishop of Canterbury, founder of Scholasticism. Proved God exists 1078. [Read more ...]

Ansgar, St. 801-65. Patron saint of Scandinavia. [Read more ...]

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