The Pocket Guide to World History

Anti-Masonic Party. 1826. US party absorbed into Whigs 1838. [Read more ...]

Anti-Saloon League. 1893 US Temperance organization. Prohibition. [Read more ...]

Anti-Semitism. Racial prejudice against Jews. Pogrom. Final Solution. [Read more ...]

Anti-Socialist Law. 1878-90. Germans ban unions. [Read more ...]

Antigone. Faithful daughter of Oedipus. Buried alive. [Read more ...]

Antigone. Priam’s sister. Hair turned to snakes. [Read more ...]

Antigonid. 277-168BC. Dynasty ruling Greece and Macedonia. [Read more ...]

Antigonus II, Gonatus.320-239BC. Celtic king of Macedon. [Read more ...]

Antigua. Carib. 1493 Columbus discovers. 1632 English settle. 18C slave trade. 1958-62 West Indies Federation. 1967 Self-government. 1981 Independent +Barbuda. [Read more ...]

Antigua, Treaty. 1968. Formed CFTA, now Caribbean Community. [Read more ...]

Antigua and Barbuda. 1981 Independent Antigua and Barbuda. [Read more ...]

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