The Pocket Guide to World History

Gongora, Luis de. 1561-1627. Spanish poet. Flowery style. [Read more ...]

Good Emperors. 96-169. Romans, Nerva to Verus. [Read more ...]

Good Parliament. 1376. Reforms against Edward III. Nullified 1377. [Read more ...]

Goodman, Benny. 1909-86. US clarinetist/ bandleader. “King of Swing”. [Read more ...]

Goodyear, Charles. 1800-60. US. Vulcanized rubber, 1839. [Read more ...]

Gorbachev, Mikhail. 1931-. Leader of USSR 1985-91. Major reforms. Glasnost. Perestroika. [Read more ...]

Gorboduc. Legendary English king. Sackville. [Read more ...]

Gordian Knot. Cut by Alexander in Phrygia 333BC. [Read more ...]

Gordius. Mythical Greek peasant king of Phrygia. [Read more ...]

Gordon, Charles. 1833-85. British colonial administrator in Sudan, China. Taiping Rebellion. [Read more ...]

Gordon Riots. 1780. NoPopery Riots led by Lord Gordon to demand Catholic Relief Act repeal. [Read more ...]

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