The Pocket Guide to World History

Goldsmith, Oliver. 1730-74. Irish Writer: Vicar of Wakefield 1766; She Stoops to Conquer 1773. [Read more ...]

Goldwyn, Samuel. 1882-1974. Polish/US film producer with De Mille. MGM. [Read more ...]

Goliad Massacre. 1836. 350 Texan prisoners by Mexico in War for Independence. [Read more ...]

Goliath. c11C BC. Philistine giant slain by David. [Read more ...]

Gombos, Gyula. 1886-1936. Fascist Hungarian Premier 1932-. [Read more ...]

Gómez, Juan. 1864-1935. Ruthless Venezuelan dictator 1908-. [Read more ...]

Gomorrah. Licentious city destroyed by God. Sodom. [Read more ...]

Gompers, Samuel. 1850-1924. British/US founder, president, AFL 1886~. [Read more ...]

Gonçalves, Nuno. 15C. Founded Portugal school of painting. Sao Vicente altarpiece. [Read more ...]

Goncalves Dias, Antonio. 1823-64. Romantic “National” poet of Brazil. [Read more ...]

Goncourt, Edmond. 1822-96. French novelist. Renée Mauperin. Created Goncourt literature prize. [Read more ...]

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