The Pocket Guide to World History

Gorgias. c400BC. Sophist. “Making the losing cause the winning one.” [Read more ...]

Gorgons. Three mythical Greek monsters. Medusa. [Read more ...]

Gorky, Maxim. 1868-1936. Russian writer. Childhood 1913-14. [Read more ...]

Goshen. Biblical region of lower Egypt. 1882-4 Boer Republic. [Read more ...]

Gotham. English villagers, to avoid expense of entertaining King John, pretended to be fools. [Read more ...]

Gothic Architecture. 12-15C. Began with French cathedrals and spread over N Europe. Pointed arches, rib vaulting, flying buttresses. Stability achieved with balance rather than mass. Airy lightness. St. Denis 1140. Notre Dame Cathedral. Tudor. [Read more ...]

Gothic Art. 13C-. Church sculpture, illuminated manuscripts. Less idealized than Classical. Emotions portrayed. [Read more ...]

Goths. Germanic people of S Scandinavia. Invaded Europe, 3-4C. Visigoths and Ostrogoths. [Read more ...]

Gottfried von Strassbourg. 13C. German poet. Tristan and Isolde. [Read more ...]

Gottwald, Klement. 1896-1953. Czech Communist President 1948-. Overthrew Beneš in coup. [Read more ...]

Goujon, Jean. 1510-68. French sculptor. Fontaine des Innocents 1548/9. [Read more ...]

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