The Pocket Guide to World History

Anglo-Soviet Agreement. 1941. 20 year pledge against Nazi Germany and Axis powers. [Read more ...]

Angola. Bantu. 1482 Cao discovers.1641-8 Dutch. 1575 Portuguese colony. 1975 Independent. [Read more ...]

Angoulême, Louis duc d’. 1775-1844. Last Dauphin of France 1824-30. [Read more ...]

Angry Young Men. 1950s British writers. Irreverence for establishment. Amis, Wain, Osborne. [Read more ...]

Angström, Anders. 1814-74. Swedish physicist: discovered spectroscopy 1853. [Read more ...]

Animism. Belief of a spirit within all objects. [Read more ...]

Anjala League. 1788-89. Swedish, Finnish officers conspire vs Gustav III to end Russo-Swedish War. [Read more ...]

Anjou. Region, former province of western France. Under English 1151-1204, 1360. 1480 France. Angevin. [Read more ...]

Annam. 2000BC Kingdom in north Vietnam 1883 French protectorate. [Read more ...]

Annan, Kofi. 1938-. Ghana. UN Secretary General. Bosnian peacekeeping. [Read more ...]

Annates. Proportion of first year’s income paid to Pope by office holders. [Read more ...]

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