The Pocket Guide to World History

Globe Theatre. 1599-1644. Venue for Shakespeare’s plays, London. [Read more ...]

Gloire. 1859. French. World’s first armour-plated vessel. [Read more ...]

Glorious Revolution. 1688. British Protestant William and Mary depose James II. Declaration of Rights, Bill of Rights 1689. [Read more ...]

Gluck, Christoph. 1714-87. Bohemian composer: Orpheus 1762. Developed opera as drama with music. [Read more ...]

Glyndwr, Owain. Glendower, Owen. [Read more ...]

Gneisenau, August. 1760-1831. Prussian general vs Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Gnosticism. 1-6C. Heretical Christian sect incorporating mysticism, dualism, Docetism. [Read more ...]

Gobelins Tapestry Works. 1440. Established by Jehan Gobelin. Colbert reorganized 1662. Louis XIV sumptuous style. Le Brun. Versailles interiors. [Read more ...]

Gobineau, Joseph. 1816-82. Rationalized anti-semitism and Aryan supremacy. Essay on Inequality of Human Races 1353-5. [Read more ...]

God. Christian, Judaic, Islamic supreme being. Infinite, omniscient, benevolent creator. [Read more ...]

God’s Truce. 1027-13C. Hostilities suspended on Holy days. [Read more ...]

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