The Pocket Guide to World History

Goddard, Robert. 1882-1945. US “father of modern rocketry”. [Read more ...]

Gödel, Kurt. 1906-78. Czech/US logician. Theorem, 1931, asserts that no logical system can prove all its own propositions. [Read more ...]

Godfrey of Bouillon. c1061-1100. First Crusade leader. Ruled Palestine 1099-. [Read more ...]

Godiva, Lady. c1040-80. Rode naked through Coventry to protest taxes. Wife of Earl Leofric. [Read more ...]

Godoy, Manuel de. 1767-1851. Spanish Prime Minister 1792~1808. Battle of Trafalgar and Fontainebleau Treaty. [Read more ...]

Godunov, Boris. 1551-1605. Russian czar 1598-. [Read more ...]

Godwin. -1053. English Earl. Exiled 1051. Invaded England 1052. [Read more ...]

Godwin, William. 1756-1836. English atheist philosopher, author. Anarchism. Cooperation is evil. Things as they Are 1794. [Read more ...]

Goebbels, Joseph. 1897-1945. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda 1933-. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Goering, Hermann. 1893-1946. German WWI flying ace, Nazi Prime Minister. Gestapo. Condemned at Nuremberg. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Goes, Hugo van der. c1440-82. Flemish painter. Mystical, emotional. Portinari Altarpiece c1476. [Read more ...]

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