The Pocket Guide to World History

Giscard d’Éstaing, Valéry. 1926-. French UDF President 1974-81. [Read more ...]

Giulio Romano. 1492-1546. Italian Mannerist painter, architect. Palazzo del Te 1525/6. [Read more ...]

Giza. Pyramids. 2613-2500BC. 7 Wonder. [Read more ...]

Gladiatorial Wars. 73-71BC. Spartacus. [Read more ...]

Gladiators. 264BC-5C. Roman armed combatants for entertainment. [Read more ...]

Gladstone, William. 1809-98. English Liberal reform Prime Minister 1868~94. Secret ballot. Public Education. Irish land reforms. [Read more ...]

Glasnost. Openness. Gorbachev’s policy to promote freedom of expression, reduce secrecy. [Read more ...]

Glencoe Massacre. 1692. Campbells kill 38 MacDonalds for late oath of allegiance to King William. [Read more ...]

Glendower, Owen. c1354-1416. Led last Welsh revolt vs English rule 1400-12. [Read more ...]

Glenn, John. 1921- First American to orbit earth, 1962. US Senator 1974-. [Read more ...]

Glinka, Mikhail. 1804-57. First important Russian Nationalist composer. A Life for the Czar 1836. [Read more ...]

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