The Pocket Guide to World History

Genghis Khan. c1160-1227. Founder of the Mongol Empire. Black Sea to Pacific. [Read more ...]

Genoa. Ligurian. 3C BC Rome...Byzantine. 641 Lombard. 12C Republic. 13C Empire. 14-15C Decline. 1797 France 1814 «Sardinia. 1861 Italy. [Read more ...]

Genoa, Conference. 1922. European and Commonwealth nations can’t agree on methods to rebuild Russia. France insists on loan repayment. [Read more ...]

Genroku Era. 1688-1703. Peak of Japanese art. [Read more ...]

Gentili, Alberico. 1552-1608. Italian jurist. International laws on the conduct of war. [Read more ...]

Gentlemen’s Agreement. 1907. US-Japan. Restricted emigration and discrimination. 1937. British-Italian agreement on Mediterranean. Appeasement. [Read more ...]

Geoffrey of Monmouth. 1100-55. English author. Historia Regum Brittaniae c1135. King Arthur. [Read more ...]

Geoffrey Plantagenet. 1113-51. Count of Anjou. Conquered Normandy for his son Henry II. [Read more ...]

Geometric. c9C BC. Last Mycenaean Greek art form. [Read more ...]

George, David Lloyd. 1863-1945. Lloyd George, David. [Read more ...]

George, Henry. 1839-97. American economist. Progress and Poverty 1879, influenced British socialism. [Read more ...]

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