The Pocket Guide to World History

George, St. 3/4C. Chivalric Patron St. of England, Portugal., and soldiers. Slew dragon. [Read more ...]

George I. 1660-1727. King of Great Britain and Ireland 1714-. First Hanover. Utrecht Peace. South Sea Bubble. [Read more ...]

George I. 1845-1913. Danish Prince William, chosen king of Greece 1863-. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

George II. 1683-1760. King of Great Britain and Ireland 1727-. Weakness led to constitutional monarchy. [Read more ...]

George III. 1738-1820. King of Great Britain and Ireland 1760-. Supported King’s Friends. Political instability. American Revolution. Insane 1810-. [Read more ...]

George IV. 1762-1830. King of UK 1820-. Regent from 1811. Scandals led to decline in influence of monarchy. Brighton Pavillion. Regency. [Read more ...]

George V. 1865-1936. King of UK 1910-. Repopularized monarchy with radio Christmas message. [Read more ...]

George VI. 1895-1952. King of UK, Emperor of India 1936-. Boosted morale in WWII. [Read more ...]

George of Podebrady. 1420-71. Utraquist leader. Bohemian king 1458-. [Read more ...]

George’s Day Revolt, St. 1343-5. Estonians vs Danes. Suppressed by Teutonic Knights who bought Estonia from Denmark. [Read more ...]

Georgia. 6C BC Achaemenid. 4C BC Alexander. 65BC Rome. 330 Christian. 4-5C Sassanids, Byzantine dispute. 6C Sass. 7C Moslem. 8C 2 Kingdoms. c1000 United. 1220 Mongol(E). 14C United. 15C Turk/Persian. 1801 Russia. 1918 Independent. 1921 Soviet Republic. 1991 Independent. CIS. [Read more ...]

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