The Pocket Guide to World History

Gemayel, Amin. Lebanese President 1982-88 after brother, Bashir, president-elect, was assassinated. [Read more ...]

Gempei War. 1180-5. Japanese civil war. Established Kamakura shogunate. [Read more ...]

General Strike. UK 1926, TUC supports miners for 9 days. Belgium 1893, 1902, for male suffrage. Sweden 1909, vs wage freeze for 1 month. [Read more ...]

Generation of ’98. Introspective Spanish intellectual movement 1898-. [Read more ...]

Genêt, Edmond. 1763-1834. French diplomat. Failed to win US support for war vs Britain. [Read more ...]

Genet, Jean. 1910-86. French dramatist. Theatre of the Absurd. The Blacks 1958. [Read more ...]

Geneva Conference. 1954. Ends French control of Indo-China. Khrushchev, Eisenhower, Eden, Faure. [Read more ...]

Geneva Convention. 1864. Established humane treatment of war wounded. Sanctioned Red Cross. 1949. Agreements concerning wounded, prisoners, and civilians in war. [Read more ...]

Geneva 5-Power Agreement. 1932. Allowed German military buildup. [Read more ...]

Geneva Protocol. 1924. League of Nations. Prohibits chemical and bacteriological warfare. [Read more ...]

Geneviève, St. c422-500. Patron St. of Paris. Nanterre girl, saved Paris vs Attila 451, Franks 461. [Read more ...]

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