The Pocket Guide to World History

Anglo-Afghan Wars. 1839-42. 1878-80. 1919. British limit Russian influence, maintain buffer to India. [Read more ...]

Anglo-American War. 1812-14. US, angry at British blockade of France, and Tippecanoe interference, invades Canada. Toronto and White House burned. US defeated. Ghent Treaty. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Catholicism. High Church movement in Church of England. Stresses link with Roman Catholic church. Oxford Movement. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Dutch Wars. 17-18C. Established England’s naval power, ended Dutch world power. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Egyptian Treaty. 1936. Conditional independence for Egypt. [Read more ...]

Anglo-French Entente. Entente Cordiale. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Irish Agreement. 1985. Irish Republic gets voice in governing N. Ireland. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Irish Treaty. 1921. Partitioned Ireland. Irish Free State as Dominion. N. Ireland in UK. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Russian Entente. 1907. Defined spheres of influence. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 9C-1154. Records early British history. [Read more ...]

Anglo-Saxons. Group of Germanic tribes that invaded Britain in 5C. Ruled to 1066. Angles. Heptarchy. [Read more ...]

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