The Pocket Guide to World History

Gandhi, Mohandas. 1869-1948. Indian patriot and non-violent philosopher. Home Rule. Opposed Partition. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Gang of Four. Chinese leaders, including Mao’s widow, convicted 1980 of Cultural Revolution abuses. [Read more ...]

Garcia Iñiguez, Calixto. 1836-98. Cuban leader. Ten Years War. Spanish-American War. [Read more ...]

Garcia Lorca, Federico. 1898-1936. Spanish poet, dramatist. Gypsy Ballads 1928. [Read more ...]

Garfield, James. 1831-81. American Civil War general, US President 1881. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Gargantua. Hungry giant of Rabelais tale. [Read more ...]

Garibaldi, Giusseppe. 1807-82. Led “Red Shirts” in Italian Risorgimento. Captured Naples 1860. [Read more ...]

Garigliano, Battle. 1503. Spain defeats French invasion and wins Naples. [Read more ...]

Garnerin, A-J. 1769-1823. French. First parachutist. Landed in Monceau park, Paris, 1797. [Read more ...]

Garnier, Charles. 1825-98. French architect. Paris Opera House 1860. [Read more ...]

Garnier, Franis. 1839-73. French sailor, conquered Tonkin. [Read more ...]

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