The Pocket Guide to World History

Galton, Francis. 1822-1911. English founder of Eugenics. Hereditary Genius 1869. [Read more ...]

Galuppi, Baldassare. 1706-85. Italian. Developed opera buffa. [Read more ...]

Galvani, Luigi. 1737-98. Italian physiologist. Electrical stimulation of frog’s legs 1780. [Read more ...]

Gálvez, Bernardo de. c1746-86. Spanish Governor of Louisiana 1777-83. Viceroy of New Spain 1785-. [Read more ...]

Gama, Vasco da. c1460-1524. Portuguese explorer who rounded Cape of Good Hope 1488. Captured Calicot, India, 1503. [Read more ...]

Gamaliel. -c50. Jewish rabbi. Taught St. Paul. [Read more ...]

Gambetta, Léon. 1838-82. French Third Republic leader. [Read more ...]

Gambia, The. 1455 Portugal discovers. 1588 British settle. 17-18C French, British dispute. 1843 British Crown Colony. 1965 Independent. 1970 Republic. [Read more ...]

Gambrinus. Legendary Flemish king, beer inventor. [Read more ...]

Gandamak, Treaty. 1879. British pay Afghans and occupy Khyber Pass. [Read more ...]

Gandhi, Indira. 1917-84. Indian Prime Minister 1966~84. Daughter of J. Nehru. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

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