The Pocket Guide to World History

Garrick, David. 1717-79. English actor, theater manager. [Read more ...]

Garrison, William. 1805-79. US anti-slavery promoter. Weekly Liberator 1831-65. [Read more ...]

Garros, Roland. 1888-1918. French aviator, first to cross Mediterranean. [Read more ...]

Garter, Order of. c1348. First Order of British Knighthood. Founded by Edward III. “Honi soit qui mal y pense”. Shame on him who thinks evil of it. [Read more ...]

Garvey, Marcus. 1887-1940. Jamaican/US black nationalist. Back to Africa Movement. [Read more ...]

Gascogne. Armagnac. [Read more ...]

Gaskell, Elizabeth. 1810-65. Social novelist. Mary Barton 1848. [Read more ...]

Gaspee. British boat burned 1772 by American rebels. Response, Intolerable Acts. [Read more ...]

Gastein, Convention. 1865. Schleswig-Holstein divided between Prussia and Austria. [Read more ...]

Gates, Horatio. c1728-1806. American Revolution general at Saratoga. Conway Cabal. [Read more ...]

Gath. Biblical home of Goliath. [Read more ...]

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