The Pocket Guide to World History

Androcles. Roman slave, saved by a lion. [Read more ...]

Andromaque. Wife of Hector, model of conjugal and maternal love. [Read more ...]

Andromeda. Ethiopian wife of Perseus. [Read more ...]

Andropov, Yuri. 1914-84. Soviet chief of state, 1984: advocated efficiency. [Read more ...]

Andrusov, Treaty. 1667. Ended Russo-Polish War. Divided Ukraine. [Read more ...]

Aneurin. -c560. Welsh poet. Y Gododdin. [Read more ...]

Angad. 1504-52. Sikh Guru. Created Punjab script. [Read more ...]

Angelico, Fra. c1400-55. Florentine classical colorist painter: Convent of St. Mark. Madonna and Angel Musicians 1433. [Read more ...]

Angevin Dynasty. Descendants of French House of Anjou. France -1480. Plantagenet Kings of England 1154-1485. Charles I of Anjou. [Read more ...]

Angles. Germanic tribe that invaded Britain in 6C. Jutes. Saxons. [Read more ...]

Anglicanism. Catholic adherence to the doctrines of the Church of England. [Read more ...]

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