The Pocket Guide to World History

Free Trade. International commerce free from duties, government restriction or discrimination. Smith. [Read more ...]

Free Will. Philosophies which allow that man can more or less determine his own destiny. Fatalism. [Read more ...]

Freedmen. Released slaves in Rome, Athens, US South. [Read more ...]

Freedmen’s Bureau. 1865-72. US agency to help freed slaves during Reconstruction. [Read more ...]

Freemasons. Secret fraternal organization based on guilds, chivalry, religious orders. 1717 London Grand Lodge. [Read more ...]

Frelimo. 1964-74. Mozambique liberation movement vs Portugal. [Read more ...]

Frémont, John. 1813-90. US pioneer, Governor of CA, First senator 1856. First Republican Presidential candidate. [Read more ...]

French, Daniel. 1850-1931. US sculptor. Lincoln’s Memorial 1922. Minuteman 1875. [Read more ...]

French Academy. Académie Française. [Read more ...]

French-Austrian War. 1494-1529. [Read more ...]

French Community. 1958-. France + Overseas departments + former territories. [Read more ...]

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