The Pocket Guide to World History

Frederick II. The Great. 1712-86. Powerful Prussian king. Siezed Silesia from Austria. Patron of Arts. Liberal internal reforms. [Read more ...]

Frederick III. 1609-70. King of Norway and Denmark, 1648-. Lost much of territory to Sweden. [Read more ...]

Frederick IV. 1671-1730. King of Norway and Denmark, 1699-. Abolished serfdom. Educational system. [Read more ...]

Frederick VI. 1769-1839. King of Norway and Denmark, 1808-. Sided with Napoleon. Lost Norway to Sweden. [Read more ...]

Frederick VII. 1808-63. Danish king 1848-. Formed Constitutional Monarchy. [Read more ...]

Frederick IX. 1899-1972. Danish king 1947-. Imprisoned by Nazis, 43-45. [Read more ...]

Frederick the Fair. 1286-1330. Fought Louis IV unsuccessfully for German crown 1314-22. [Read more ...]

Fredrikshamn, Peace. 1809. Sweden cedes Finland to Russia. [Read more ...]

Free Enterprise. Capitalist economic doctrine of a market free from government control. [Read more ...]

Free French. French vs Germany after fall of France 1940. Opp. by Vichy government. DeGaulle. [Read more ...]

Free-Soil Party. 1848-54. US anti-slavery party. Van Buren. [Read more ...]

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