The Pocket Guide to World History

French East India Company. 1664-1770. To protect French trade interests in India. [Read more ...]

French Equatorial Africa. 1839 French settle. 1910 French Equatorial Africa. 1960 Central African Republic + Independent Chad, Gabon, Congo. [Read more ...]

French Fury. 1583. Antwerp citizens kill 2,000 occupying French soldiers. [Read more ...]

French Guiana. 1604 French settle. 1809 France/Portugal. 1816 French. 1852-1946 Penal colonies. Devil’s Is. [Read more ...]

French Guinea. Guinea. [Read more ...]

French-Indian Wars. 1754-63. North American part of Seven Years War. France loses all possessions in Canada to Britain. [Read more ...]

French Polynesia. c3C Polynesians settle. 1521 Magellan discovers. 1595 Spanish discover Marquesas. 1767 British discover Tahiti. 1880/81 French colony. 1946 French Overseas Territory. [Read more ...]

French Republican Calendar. 1793-1805. 12 30 day months of 3 “decades”. 5-6 holidays at end of year. [Read more ...]

French Revolution. 1789-99. Monarchy overthrown. Republic established 1792. Caused by Absolutism, financial crisis, Enlightenment. Terror. Napoleon. French Revolutionary Wars. [Read more ...]

French Revolution. 1830. After Charles X’s repressive Four Ordinances of St Cloud. [Read more ...]

French Revolutionary Wars. 1792-1802. France vs European powers who opposed Revolution. Napoleonic Wars. Coalition. Pillnitz. [Read more ...]

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