The Pocket Guide to World History

Frankish Kingdom, East. 843. Division of Carolingian Empire. ≈modern Germany. [Read more ...]

Frankish Kingdom, West. 843. Division of Carolingian Empire. ≈modern France. Franks. [Read more ...]

Franklin, Benjamin. 1706-90. US author, scientist, revolutionary leader. Poor Richard’s Almanac 1732-57. Franklin Stove 1744. Lightning rod 1752. Bifocals 1784. [Read more ...]

Franklin, John. 1786-1847. English explorer. Sought NW Pasage 1819-22. [Read more ...]

Franks. Germanic tribes invaded France, 3-5C. Clovis. Frankish. [Read more ...]

Franz. =Francis. [Read more ...]

Fraunhofer, Joseph von. 1787-1826. German. Mapped spectral lines 1814-. [Read more ...]

Fredegund. c545-597. Murderous Q of Neustria. 40 yr. feud vs Brunhild. [Read more ...]

Frederick I. (Barbarossa). c1123-90. HRE 1155-. Crusades. Opposed papal authority. [Read more ...]

Frederick I. 1657-1713. Creator and first king of Prussia, 1701. [Read more ...]

Frederick II. 1194-1250. Holy Roman Emperor. 1220-. King of Sicily 1198-. King of Jerusalem 1229-. Patron of arts, education. [Read more ...]

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