The Pocket Guide to World History

Francis Xavier, St. Xavier. [Read more ...]

Franciscans. 1209. Religious order founded by St. Francis of Assisi. Missionary and educational work. Includes Capuchins, Conventuals, Observants, Zealots. [Read more ...]

Franck, César. 1822-90. Belgian/French organist, Romantic composer. [Read more ...]

Franco, Francisco. 1892-1975. Spanish general and ruthless Fascist dictator, 1939-. Spanish Civil War. [Read more ...]

Franco de Colonia. 13C. Systemized musical notation. [Read more ...]

Franco-Prussian War. 1870-1. Unified Germany dominated by Prussia, wins Alsace-Lorraine. Commune. Ems Dispatch. [Read more ...]

Franco-Russian Alliance. Dual Alliance. [Read more ...]

Franconia. 843-. Nucleus of E Frankish kingdom. Duke = First elected German king Conrad I. [Read more ...]

Frank, Anne. 1929-45. German Jew in Amsterdam. 2 yrs in hiding from Nazis. Diary 1947. [Read more ...]

Frankfurt, Treaty. 1871. Ended Franco-Prussian War. France paid indemnity, gave up Alsace-Lorraine. [Read more ...]

Frankfurt Assembly. 1848-9. Adopted constitution, basis of North German Confederation 1867. [Read more ...]

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